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Featuring the finest quality threads from Cucirini Tre Stelle

Sylvia Anderson formed Tristan Embroidery Supplies in 1994 after working in sales for a thread import company since 1985. Tristan Embroidery Supplies started selling embroidery backing and threads to industrial embroidery companies. The threads we sold were mainly rayon and polyester but Sylvia recognized there was a need for good quality cotton threads for Quilters in North America.

In 1998 Tristan imported Aurifil Cotton Mako from Milan, Italy. From 1998 to 2007 Tristan made Aurifil one of the more well known threads for Quilters in North America.

In an effort to find a company that produces their own product, we found Cucirini Tre Stelle. We were amazed to learn that Cucirini Tre Stelle of Milan produces a better quality product and has been doing so since 1903. Tristan Italian Threads is now able to buy factory direct, with the exclusive right to import and distribute throughout North America. Cucirini Tre Stelle produces threads like Genziana cotton mako, Genziana wool, Tre Stelle cotton and Seta silk. The advantage of factory direct is a cost savings that we can pass on to you, and also provide you with a higher quality product.



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