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Featuring the finest quality threads from Cucirini Tre Stelle


Luigi Radice

Cucirini Tre Stelle History

In 2003 Cucirini Tre Stelle celebrated a century of business success. The company was founded in 1903 by Luigi Radice which produced threads and sewing materials.

Tre Stelle reached an industrial level towards the end of the second world war and now boasts a broad, 9,000 member, global client list. While their main product is still thread, their product line includes products for home sewing, crafting, embroidery and quilting, as well as many other accessories for fashion and clothing industry.

A 200,000 square foot production plant with 200 employees manufacture thread from start to finish including mercerizing, dying and spooling.

Cucirini Tre Stelle strictly follows the rules and regulations of the European Community concerning environmental protection, trying to minimize energy and material waste whenever possible.



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Cucirini Tre Stelle Manufactures Threads meeting every possible need in the sector

Cucirini Tre Stelle Wools that create art




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