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Featuring the finest quality threads from Cucirini Tre Stelle

Our threads and yarns are produced by Cucirini Tre Stelle of Milan. They are Italy's  leading supplier for fashion, sewing, linen embroidery, machine embroidery and quilting.




Genziana Wool 12wt

Spool size 350M (383yds) 100 colors

Spool size 30M (33yds) 84 colors

Genziana wool from Cucirini Tre Stelle is a new thread in Sue Spargo colors. Itís used in hand and machine quilting and embellishment. more...


Genziana Cotton Mako 50wt  from Cucirini Tre Stelle is the preferred thread used in quilts, fashion, machine embroidery, lace and fine Italian linens.

Cone size 6000M (6560yds)

Spool size 1300M (1422yds) Spool colors                 Cone colors


Genziana Cotton Mako 40wt
Long staple Egyptian cotton thread for machine quilting, embroidery

Cone size 4800M (5250yds)

Spool size 1000M (1094yds)  Spool colors          Cone colors

Genziana Cotton Mako 30wt and 28wt  Long staple Egyptian cotton for machine quilting, embroidery and red work.

Cone size 4600M (5030yds)

Spool size 750M (820yds) Spool colors          Cone colors


Tre Stelle Oro Cotton 60wt    100% mercerized Egyptian Cotton is an ideal thread with a wide variety of uses like piecing, quilting, bobbin work and lace design  more                           Spool size 100M (110yds)

Spool size 1830M (2000yds)

Cone size 9100M (10,000yds)

Tre Stelle Oro Cotton 50wt  100% mercerized Cotton is an ideal thread with a wide variety of uses like sewing, embroidery and hand stitching more...    Spool size 100M (110yds)

Seta Bozzolo 100% Silk 24wt

Seta Bozzolo Silk is pure Italian Silk of the highest quality. This beautiful thread is used for fancy stitching in Italian suits, button holes and embelishment more... Spool size 10M (11yds)





Anemone knitting yarn

Cucirini Tre Stelle is leading the way in producing yarns that knitters demand.

53% Wool 47% Acrylic

(50 grams)

Suggested needle               5mm - 5.5mm



Cotton Mako Cones are perfect for long arm machine quilters. The cones are available in 30wt, 40wt and 50wt. Check them out here

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